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D’LUX International has become a major player for     ETD TRANSFORMÁTORY a.s.

D’LUX s.r.o. represent the group in the Middle East and Africa. ETD has a long history of reliable production, with over 35,000 transformers. Since 1979, ETD have successfully supplied many transformers and proudly achieving all requirements.


Great experience in the production of distribution, power and other various types of world class transformers reaches back to the year 1923. Current products include;

  • Power transformers (single and three phased regulating and non-regulating).
  • Auto transformers.
  • Furnace transformers.
  • Traction transformers.
  • Chokes for use in the rail industry.
  • Special reactors.


In the proud engineering legacy of Skoda, ETD transformers are designed, manufactured and tested and then transported to customers Word wide by combining tradition, modern design and manufacturing principles. All transformers are delivered at site, installed, tested and commissioned meeting EU and other international and site specific norms and specifications.


Production program

Oil transformers
Oil felled transformers are manufactured in hermetically sealed execution or non-hermetically sealed execution with conservator. Cooling medium is used mineral oil, silicone oil or ecological dielectric medium for installation in the area of water sources or reservations. Magnetic circuits are designed and manufactured from oriented steel, folded by Step-Lap method.
• Three-phase oil transformers with the power output 25 kVA – 6300 kVA, up to 35 kV, with very low losses,
as well;
• Oil transformers HV/HV with the power output 2,5 MVA – 16 MVA, up to 35 kV;
• Three-phase booster oil transformers with the power output from 630 kVA – 16 MVA.
Dry and cast resin transformers
Cast resin transformers are environmentally – friendly, with secure operation, minimal maintenance practically
unlimited possibilities of installation. Transformers are certified for pre resistance class F1, climatic resistance
class C2 and ambient resistance class E2. Class of temperature resistance is up to – 60 °C. Degree of protection is manufactured in IP 00 and IP 23 execution.
• Three – phase cast resin transformers with the power  output 25 kVA – 6,3 MVA, up to 22 kV;
• Three – phase cast resin transformers with the power output 100 kVA – 4 MVA, up to 35 kV;
• Three – phase cast resin transformers for outdoor installation with the power output 5 kVA – 630 kVA, up to 22 kV.
Amorphous transformers
Amorphous transformers have a magnetic circuit made of amorphous metal. Compared to standard oil transformers these transformers are with lowered no load losses by 75 – 80%.
• Oil amorphous transformers with power output 250 kVA – 630 kVA, up to 22 kV;
• Cast resin amorphous transformers with power output up to 1000 kVA, up to 10 kV.



High Standards Operation




Well trained technicians



Design and installation of Mega Transformers.






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