Brokerage services


D’LUX International is not a stock broker, is not a finance broker.

We are professional operating as mediator in different business fields.

We will help you to build a solid blocks of SUCCESS.




Our company operates as a broker or consultant who acts as a mediator on a link between parties to a business deal, investment decision, negotiation, etc.

As a result of being well connected to the market decision makers, we have more realistic vision to what is coming next.
The business market is hard to grasp and it includes different aspects and it’s also affected by different aspects. Due to our experience and up-to-date to market surveys, we understand the when and how.

Being a mediator is not an easy job to do. It has a lot of responsibilities, a lot of factors that requires good command and control of each step, in order to insure remarkable results.

Because we care, we keep our client best interest as our goal. Our success is a result of keeping you as our happy client, for as long as it takes.

D’LUX International is a professional intermediate services provider.