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Business Details

– Type Of Business : Intermediation &Trading Services

– Trading Name : D’LUX International

– Business Name : D’LUX s.r.o

– Number of founder members : (Two) 02

– Managing Directors Members :Mr. Sherif A. Hassan / Mr. Mostafa Elkasrawy


When the founders launched D’LUX International, their key business strategy is to involve leveraging their knowledge, history and background of several businesses, to create one entity that would serve different fields from under one roof. Born from the dream of creating something better! At D’LUX International, we believe in finding solutions. We represent a new global world in which distances become smaller and borders have little meaning.

The founders hold many years of experience of different businesses and wide network of clients. After looking at several markets in EU, the decision was taken to establish D’LUX in Czech Republic in 2014, due to its very positive business atmosphere and recognized growth. The company has associated offices in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, UK & Indonesia, which has fully dedicated teams that monitors the markets and indentifies lucrative investment opportunities that we can convey to our network of global clients. Soon its planned to have an associates in Africa.

We are a Czech & Egypt based global diversified company with practices in international commodity trading, real estate investment advisory and private equity advisory services.

We serve as a platform and a hub for investors and business owners in the CEE region to Asia, Middle East and the rest of Europe.

We deal with complete confidentiality and transparency in order to help our clients achieve success.

We understand the different needs and issues that are faced by our clients and we look to provide realizable and independent solutions, offering a boutique client focused service, our team boasts a unique mixture of consulting and industry experience which helps us understand what helps, to achieve client’s best interest.

We transform opportunities into business by providing our services to various industries at different stages. We add value through our ability to improve opportunities of development of companies and projects, as well as through our expertise in developing the upstream and downstream activities needed for businesses to succeed.

D’LUX scope of business is difficult to grasp as it encompass wide aspects that includes market research, business advice, cargo and shipment, International Event Organizers, Media marketing services, Gastronomy, International commodity trading, Real estate investment and private equity advisory, universal exports/import, plus International marketing.

Global Outreach;

D’LUX carefully chose strategic locations, between Czech Republic as a center of EU and Egypt as a central location and gateway to Africa, Middle East. Our global presence allows it to locate and to identify investment opportunities throughout the central European region and deliver prime advisory services to clients in Russia, Asia and the Middle East. The Central European region carries allot of promise and potential, and our local presence and market insight allows us to be at the forefront of this lucrative market. D’LUX s.r.o does not confine itself within any geographical borders.

We provide private equity investment advice to various Middle Eastern and North African based clients. We thrive to be a platform that connects MENA based Investor and CEE & Far East Asia.

WE RECOGNIZE THAT, The World has changed significantly over the past decade. Globalization has made the world smaller and more homogenous. We communicate live with our business partners all over the Globe, We reach the other parts of the world instantaneously and we work dynamically. When, where and why business happens is irrelevant. The opportunities in the global market are unlimited.

At D’LUX s.r.o and its associates, we pride ourselves in sourcing the best solutions for our clients and providing a service second to none.


To be a well managed company that strives to be pioneer, whilst providing reliable and efficient services to our clients and expand their business.


We are continuously adapting our company to match the Global situation in the ever-shifting balance of the markets in which we work in. We believe that the measure of any well-positioned company is a record of how well they react to changes in the world market and how well they can use this for a benefit of their clients, partners, employees and the rest of the society.

To adapt our solutions according to the market situation and through our extensive global network. We have advised and assisted clients on cross border transactions within the scope of the core business areas.

To provide the best available products, services, solutions and advice to our clients from all-over the world.

We are dedicated to delivering an unbeatable service and products for profitable growth enabling great moments for our clients.

The result is a flexible and dedicated organization; welcome to D’LUX s.r.o!