When the founders launched D’LUX International, their key business strategy is to involve leveraging their knowledge, history and background of several businesses to create one entity that would serve different fields from under one roof.

The founder’s background includes 15 years of managing several successful businesses that proves a strong management skills, leadership and market knowledge.

D’LUX was officially established en 04-02-2014 under the law of Czech Republic. The reason of chosen the Czech Republic was based on a wide market research, includes location, economy and future perspective of expansion.

Born from the dream of creating something better! At D’LUX International we believe in finding solutions. We represent a new global world in which distances become smaller and borders have little meaning.

We understand the different needs and issues that are faced by our clients and we look to provide realizable and independent solutions. D’LUX International offer a boutique client focused service, our team boasts a unique mixture of consulting and industry experience which helps us understand what our clients want whilst being able to get the best deal.

We transform opportunities into business by providing our services to various industries at different stages. We add value through our ability to improve opportunities of development of companies and projects, as well as through our expertise in developing the upstream and downstream activities needed for businesses to succeed.

D’LUX scope of business is difficult to grasp as it encompass wide aspects that includes market research, business advice, general brokerage, general trading, cargo and shipment, real estate marketing, International Event Organizers, Media marketing services and Gastronomy.